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"Meow" Velvet Jammies

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Material : Faux fur
Shorts : Stretchy 

Regardless of the day or the month of the year, it ALWAYS feels great to relax at home  with a hot or cold beverage in front of your favorite tv show or movie.

But do you what’s even better? I’m sure you can guess.

It’s to do all of that in a comfy and cute pyjamas (especially when it’s cold outside!). We know you can’t resist a hot chocolate in bed with a cozy pyjamas, that’s why we’re sharing this information with you.

What’s better than a soft pyjamas with cute patterns that will keep you warm all winter?

All you have to do is to pick your favorite color(s)!


You will always stay warm.

- Nobody will ever resist you

- Cats will become friends with you in a heartbeat.


You will always be cute so you might get tired of it?

- You won’t wear anything else once you try it on.

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