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Baby Groot Vase

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Height : 16 cm
Material : Plastic
Function : Pen holder or flower pot

Did you recently move into your new apartment? Although you really put time and efforts to decorate, it’s still missing something. You know, that magic touch that can truly transform your apartment to your own taste?

You’re also a huge Guardians of the Galaxy fan and Baby Groot is your most favorite character. We totally understand, we fall for him too.

Because we like to make your life easier, we found that missing item you’ve been desperately looking for. It’s an adorable vase representing our little hero! You can drop your pencils, flowers, or anything that could add to his charm (if it’s even possible). What’s important is that he takes centre stage in your room.


- Cuteness level over 100%

- His name is Groot (but you already knew that!)


- Your friends will be jealous. Be careful, they will probably try to steal it.

- He doesn’t talk

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